Affluent Families

 For many of our client families, they have had significant professional and financial success or inheritance and are looking for guidance to navigate the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls of their financial lives. Working with their other professionals (CPAs and attorneys), we help with protecting assets, strategic tax planning and investment management. We also offer advice and assistance with ideas to benefit the generations that follow. Legacy planning and helping to preserve their lifestyle are major focuses for these clients.

Preserve what you have, manage it wisely and plan for future generations.

Resources and Our Process

  • Prioritize the goals that you have for your family and any future generations
  • Seek to protect your sources of income and lifestyle with appropriate insurance planning
  • Plan for tax efficient gifts to family and/or charities
  • Design an overall PEAK Wealth Plan to coordinate tax planning, investment management, debt management, educational funding options, retirement plan options and other cash management strategies.
  • Continue to communicate to plan for changes in your lifestyle, family or other material change in your life.
  • Help to establish your Legacy Planning with beneficiary designations, Will and Trust planning or specific bequests to children, grandchildren, or outside entities.
  • Work with GPM (Goal Planning and Monitoring) to stay in touch with the overall plan and to evaluate progress toward your financial goals.
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