Whether you are a physician or attorney, you have worked many years to achieve success in your practice. You have spent additional time, money and effort for your education and additional professional credential(s) and expertise. While you were doing this, your life was happening. You may have started a family, bought a house, etc. In other words, you may have a substantial income but not a large financial portfolio yet by your standards.

 We work with high-earning professionals to build their portfolio over their working years through systematic investing and with larger contributions. You may feel you are behind in your savings or investment goals but we can work with you to get back ‘on track’ and on a path to be rewarded in the longer term for your hard work and sacrifices.

Preserve what you have, insure your income and plan to build your wealth over time.

Resources and Our Process

  • Evaluate your sources of income and financial goals
  • Seek to protect your sources of income and lifestyle with appropriate insurance planning
  • Design an overall PEAK Wealth Plan to coordinate the tax planning, investment management, debt management, educational funding options, retirement plan options and other cash management strategies.
  • Work with GPM (Goal Planning and Management) to stay in touch with the overall plan and to evaluate progress toward your goals.
  • Continue to communicate to plan for the changes in your practice, lifestyle, family or other material changes in your life.
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