Those in a Season of Transition

We add tremendous value to those navigating an important transition in their lives.  We understand that major and/or unexpected events raise many questions from a unique set of circumstances.  The following are representative of some client situations that have benefited from our firm's approach and guidance.

Seek education, explore all options, and make informed decisions.

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New Wealth Opportunities

Many times new wealth opportunities come as the result of many years of hard work through the sale of a business, property or other large asset. It may have also come from a significant bonus or stock grant. However, other life events such as an inheritance or divorce may have been the source of these new funds. Each of these circumstances may change your financial outlook and opportunity set.  They may also initiate the need for enhanced education on matters that include tax planning, debt planning, educational funding and gifting both to family and organizations that are important to you.

Selling a Business or Practice

 After years of hard work and dedication to build your business or practice, you have decided it is time to sell.  The prospect of the next stage in your life can bring anxiety as well as excitement.  You need to make sure you develop a stream of income that is dependable, flexible, robust and sustainable.  You also need to sell the business tax efficiently and in a way that offers the greatest benefit to you and your family.

Nearly or Newly Retired

 Retiring is pretty easy; one day you ‘simply’ stop working to support your lifestyle. Then what? We believe the challenge is to ‘stay successfully retired’. This means not looking back or being worried about outliving your money. It means having the financial resources to enjoy an active lifestyle and being able to have money to benefit your children or grandchildren and any other people or areas of interest you may have. It also means that you have contingencies in place for the unexpected things that may present themselves during this ‘next chapter’ in your life.

Independent Women

 Whether through your choice or circumstance, many women find themselves to be the ones making the sole financial decisions in their life.  If this is due to a divorce or death of a spouse, this may be a new and unexpected role that you have to quickly adopt.  It is important to seek guidance for short term decisions and to have trusted advice while formulating longer-term goal planning.  We believe the keys to this success are to listen to your needs, work with you on appropriate options and to remain flexible especially if this is a transition in your life.

 With the proper trusted advice, you will regain the strength and confidence to proceed toward your goals.  Your independence can offer new opportunities for yourself, your family and your career.

Moving Through a Divorce

 Divorce is draining.  Whether by your choice or not, going through a divorce drains your energy, emotions and financial resources.   Having a better understanding of your financial situation, options, rights and opportunities can help you make more grounded decisions that likely better for yourself and your family in the longer term.

 We offer resources to help both you and your attorney best find unique strategic financial solutions to regain control of your life during your divorce and in your life ahead.  We can help you assess your income and help with divorce-specific matters such as QDROs (Qualified Domestic Relations Orders).

 As they say on a plane, ‘put your mask on first and then put it on those who are traveling with you’.  During a divorce, it is important for you to get the information you need to stay strong so then you can more adequately help those who need and depend on you.

Loss of a Loved One

With the unfortunate occurrence of losing a spouse or a parent comes the need for thoughtful financial planning.  Assets and/or life insurance proceeds will benefit the survivor(s), and it is important to determine how these assets can benefit you.  It is helpful to assess your liabilities and your income stream to create strategies that are both beneficial and flexible because you cannot predict the road ahead.

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